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Become more efficient and give your team and prospecting customers innovative solution to make sure your business is always up-to-date and at the forefront of communications technology.

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What is Viuwi?

Viuwi´s main goal is it to help companies and individuals to optimize their communication strategies, so that they can focus on their core business.

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We reinvent consulting, just for you. Experience new and innovative ways of presenting your ideas and concepts using user-friendly communication tools. Viuwi lets you share video presentations through our VIP Center to efficiently circulate information and enhance your desired outcomes.

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Connect and interact with your current and future proactive customers. Personally engage with your connections to deliver the very best possible service. Manage tasks and communications through Viuwi’s calendar tool to always be on top of your daily agenda.

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Lead and train your team members by providing effective learning-through-experience sessions and support. Viuwi´s coaching platform allows you to efficiently mentor all of your partners. Grow your consulting business exponentially with online coaching, meetings and presentations.

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Increase output on a limitless scale. Automate your consulting processes without compromising on quality. Viuwi is a tool which allows you to redesign your consulting strategies by providing you with state-of-the-art marketing possibilities. Upscale your consulting business’ efficiency and maximize its growth!

How can Viuwi helps me?

No secretary work is needed anymore.
Viuwi´s algorithms automatically calculate your availabilities and delivers up-to-date information directly to your team and customers.

No hustle for finding new customers.
Viuwi supports you and your team by being convenient and easy to use. Get reminders on time, share information through our VIP Center and offer your prospecting customers a great experience.

Discover a new way to communicate and experience Viuwi for the first 30 days for free.

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Viuwi Software Functionalities


Getting Started Course

To help you and your team get started the right way.


Tutorial videos are provided from our learning center. Learn how to use Viuwi effectively to get the results you are looking for.


Manage your contacts easily.

Add reminders and use an individual follow-up-system.


Never forget specific customers or contact requests/enquiries.


Individual calendar Synchronization to Google and Apple calendar is possible.

Get organized and make the most of your precious time.


Viuwi’s calendar is built to optimize your time. Plan everything—share your calendar through your booking page from one meeting to the next one without any secretary work.

Booking Page
Booking page

Optimized and interactive booking page for appointments.

Booking page

Send your availabilities to any person you want to make a meeting with. The booking page is always up-to-date. Build customer confidence with an individual picture and a personal welcome text.

VIP Center
VIP Center

Create online area for prospective customers at a specific time slot.

VIP Center

Share content with your contacts and customers. Give them information about your products or ask them any questions they may have about a specific topic. Make consulting simple, arrange another appointment and stay in touch with them.

Team management
Team management

Organize, chat and book appointments for team colleagues.

Team management

Stay connected with your team mates. Make appointments through the inbuilt internal booking page and work with them efficiently by sharing information with them or having a booking page with two colleagues.

format_quote Viuwi is much more than a software.
Our team is dedicated to helping you make busines communication better
redesigning consulting to allow you to maximize your goals. format_quote

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